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Eating a balanced raw food diet does not mean that you have to stop eating choco, which you love a lot. In fact, you can make a Raw Chocolate Recipe that is included in such a diet and can still lead a healthy life. Just like processed food, processed chocolate is also not good, but if you replace it with raw chocolate, then such food can be included in your diet or raw diet plan. Making recipes with unprocessed chocolate is not hard at all and you can make different items such as choco drinks or mousse. You can find many such recipes on the internet as well.


Benefits of raw chocolate

Majority of people believe that a balanced diet should not include chocolate because it is not nutritious. However, there is a big difference between processed and unprocessed chocolate. In a Raw Chocolate Recipe, you use chocolate that is not processed. Chocolate, which is raw, is actually produced with a method that keeps the nutrients and enzymes intact in the choco, and so this makes the chocolate healthier for you. This kind of treatment is done in low temperature as compared to high temperature treatment that processed chocolate undergo. You can find recipes using healthy chocolate from a Raw Food book.


Easy raw recipe to make at home

If you have made your diet plan, then you can easily incorporate raw food diet recipes, which are made with unprocessed choco. You can make a Raw Chocolate Recipe with coconut butter, ground coco nibs, and natural sweeteners like date syrup, agave syrup, zylotol, and lucuma powder. You can simply mix melted cocoa with coconut butter and then add sweeteners. After this, just put the mixture in a cake tin, and then pop it into a fridge and when the mixture hardens just cut it into small pieces and serve. This will make a nice raw dessert for your dinner.



Make chocolate bars

One of the easy raw food recipes that you can prepare using cocoa is to make chocolates with a silicone mould tray. For such a Raw Chocolate Recipe, you just have to melt raw cocoa butter, add raw cocoa powder and then whisk it well after adding some natural sweetener. When the mixture reaches the right consistency, pour it into cube trays or silicone moulds and put it in the freezer for about twenty minutes, so that it can set properly. This raw food recipe will yield tasty choco bars that you and your kids can enjoy.


Make cookies and brownies with vegan chocolate

Nowadays, you can easily find vegan chocolate out there, so this makes it easy for you to prepare Vegan Chocolate Recipes. The fat and cholesterol content in Raw Chocolate Recipe is also very low, making it a good choice for your regular diet. You can try Vegan Chocolate Recipe like chocolate fudge or cookies at your home. You can also make cookies with choco chips that are raw in nature. One of the raw chocolate recipes, which you will love, is the brownies recipe. You can make vegan brownies by whisking oil, milk, vanilla, soy and maple syrup together and then combine dry ingredients like baking powder, salt, flour and cocoa. Just fold in choco chips and nuts and then simply bake the vegan brownies.


Raw Chocolate Recipe

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