Raw Diet

The Raw Diet

A Look at The Way of a Raw Diet

Introduction to the Raw Diet


In this day and age, people are looking to all kinds of alternative energy. Not just with electrical power, but also with food. One example lies in the raw diet. What a raw diet means is consuming uncooked, unprocessed, usually organic foods. All of which comprises most of a person’s diet. This largely encompasses any raw food, including vegetables, fruit, nuts, seed, and any meat or dairy products. Raw foods are seen as natural sources of fibre, as well retaining every nutrient cooking takes out of food.


Raw Food Detox Diet

It is seen that cooking food, even unprocessed food, can sap out some of the nutrients. Hence why some nutritionists promote the raw food detox diet, what this is, is switching your diet to incorporate more raw foods. This is not easy for most people, at first, especially with meats and dairy products. Keeping this in mind, that is why nutritionists suggest concocting a raw food diet plan to ease yourself into a raw diet.


Incorporating Meats into Your Raw Diet

Raw Food DietIn regards to meat, fans of fish can always look towards sushi, and sushi-like cuisine, to incorporate fish into your unprocessed diet. Other meats will need to be cured in some way, in order to come into your raw food diet plan. Red meats, for example, are surprisingly easier to cure than white meats. Consider that white meats usually need to be cooked the whole way through, as to not cause food poisoning. Red meats can be flash-fried, or just cooked on the outside, in other words. When incorporating red meat into your raw diet, all you have to do is pepper and cure your meat in a nutritionist-advised way. Although the toughness will need accustoming to, but all the nutrition the unprocessed food detox diet rants and raves about is kept.


Raw Diet and the Need to Detox

So, how can a raw diet play into detoxing your body? Well, all foods were initially ate as raw, when we were cave-people. Over the generations, as cooking as evolved, our digestive tracts have faltered from the decrease in nutrients. Just by cooking, and then processing food. Sure, the taste of raw food may be strange at first. Yet, with a well thought out raw food diet plan can help ease you into utilising a raw diet.


One benefit of a unprocessed diet, beyond health, is the environment. If people switch to raw, unprocessed food that comes from the ground, less fuel and electricity is needed. Ground-based food, like fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds, there would be no need for trucks delivering food. There would be no need for markets to light and heat their locations. All a person needs for a unprocessed food diet is to grow all of it themselves.



Back to the raw food detox plan. Why is it considered detoxing? Research has found that cooking foods drain food of the nutrients. That much is clear. But also there are harmful effects of cooking meats. Cooking muscle meat creates an compound similar to cigarette smoke and car exhaust fumes. That’s right, the same thing that makes cigarettes and car fumes harmful are created on meat when it is cooked. Imagine this next time you have a barbeque.


The Biggest Question is: Will this Method Really Work?

Yes, it will, but only if you have the desire for the raw diet. Many people in the modern world will at least feel that they cannot stomach the raw diet. As such, they won’t stick to it, even after trying.


But, if you have desire to stick to the raw diet, you will see how beneficial it is to your body. A unprocessed food detox plan helps clear out some toxins, at least. In place of those, the unprocessed food diet adds more nutrients than ever to your body, thus leaving you feeling better and healthier than ever before.


Recommended Raw Food Diet Plans:

Raw Diet


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