Raw Food Recipes

Best Raw Food Recipes

Some raw food recipes that you can prepare easily


Your taste bud might tingle, when you are served cooked meat dipped in butter, but you know that such food will lead to weight gain and an unhealthy lifestyle. Now, you can live a healthier life without following a strict and complicated diet plan, as now you can simply follow a diet consisting of raw food. Yes, you heard it right raw and uncooked food is one of the best ways of consuming a balanced diet full of all the nutrients that you body require for a healthy living. You can learn about the concepts, secrets, pros, cons, and even recipes for such diet from a raw food book.


Make a salad

raw foodIf you go for an online search, then you can come across a number of Raw Food Recipes, which are not very difficult to prepare and you can make them at home as well. One of the easiest ways of consuming unprocessed food is to make salads. You can make salads in many different ways, but one of easiest ways is to combine snow peas, bell pepper, corn, parsley, and green onions in a bowl, and then whisk together balsamic vinegar, fresh cilantro, apple cider vinegar, agave nectar, and sesame oil, and then just season it with a little salt. Just toss the salad prior to serving.


Prepare recipes easily

One of the best things about unprocessed food diet recipes is that you can make them easily and they also taste good, so there is no need to give up on flavor or taste if you are consuming raw food. You can include various fruits, vegetables and even meat in your diet plan and can also implement many food ideas as well. You can use smoothies for snack and then you can eat salads for dinner and lunch. You can also try to make a mixture of different vegetables and fruits to bring a new flavor.



Make a green drink

You can also download a Raw Food Recipe Ebook and then find some of the recipes that you can make within minutes. One of the easy Raw Food Recipes include a drink made of cucumber, pear, and celery. For making this green drink, you just need raw food items like celery, cucumbers and peas and blend them together with a little water. You can also add supplements such as spirulina powder, ormus greens, lacanto for a sweet flavor. You can serve it cold over some ice and can also use your juicer instead of a blender to make it easily.


Make recipes with chocolate

Raw Food RecipesIf you just die for chocolates, and cannot live without it, then you will not have to give up on chocolate as well with a unprocessed food diet. You can easily make one of the Raw Vegan Chocolate Recipes at homelike the chocolate mousse, which is very easy to prepare. You can simply use vegan chocolate of good quality, which is of strawberry type and melted, and tofu, vanilla extract and icing sugar. Just whizz together sugar, vanilla extract, and tofu and the beat in melted vegan chocolate and your mousse is done.


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