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Raw Food Diet


Branches of Raw Food Diet

Raw Food Diet is Good for Your Health


Raw Food Diet

What is raw food diet?

Answer to the question is pretty simple. Thrust of any raw food diet is usually on the consumption of unprocessed as well as the plan based organic foods. We eat food but our foodstuff is generally cooked. Diet of normal person should consist at least three quarters of uncooked foodstuff.

Uniqueness of Raw Food

Unique characteristics of unprocessed food are that it makes a man healthier. More the unprocessed food component in the diet, the healthier the “raw diet” would be. Significant portion of the unprocessed foodstuff lists are vegetarian. Foods of animal origins are not usually consumed. However, some of the raw food diets are constituted with raw meat or some types of raw animal products.


Raw Food Diet Branches

Branches of raw food diets are as follows:

• Purely vegetarian food diets called the raw vegans. It is completely vegetarian and is constituted of items like fruits, vegetables and leafy items.
• Raw vegetarian diets often consist of all vegetarian items excepting eggs and dairy. Most of the foodstuffs are consumed raw.
• Raw carnivores’ diets are constituted with meat products those are eaten raw only.
• Raw omnivore’s diets are plant based and animal based foods are consumed raw only.


What Raw Food Diets Include

Usually the unprocessed foodstuff diets include beans, fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, dried fruits, fresh fruits and vegetable juices, coconut milk, nuts, other organic and natural food not processed, seaweeds, sun dried fruits, seeds, and purified water.


Lifestyle Based projects

Depending on the lifestyle of the users; food diets can include one or all of the followings:

• Fish;
• Eggs;
• Milk and dairy products;
• Meat.

Popular Food Diets

Some of the popular foodstuff diets are:

• Atkins diet;
• Zone diet;
• Vegan diet;
• Vegetarian diet;
• Weight watcher diet;

• South beach diet;
• Mediterranean diet;
• Fiber rich food diet;
• Fat rich food diet;
• Salt in the food diet.


Raw Food Diet is Good for Weight Loss

Usually unprocessed food diet is good for weight loss. That means the uncooked foodstuff helps lose weight conveniently and maintains the stability of the physique. By consuming uncooked foods, one will not get back the weight that he or she has lost and it will make the physique stable. Raw food diet enhances the body stability and prevents diseases from attacking the body. It is especially good for the chronic diseases.


One of the most potent reasons is that when food is cooked, many vital enzymes are lost when foods are heated over 116 degrees Fahrenheit or 47 degrees Celsius and do not remain as healthy as it should be.


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