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Raw Food Diets

Living Raw Food Diet


How To Make A Living Raw Food Diet?

Living raw food diets for healthy life and weight loss


Living Raw Food Diets

One must realize what the unprocessed food diet is before he or she starts living raw food diets. Basically raw food diet is one that is based on unprocessed as well as uncooked plant food. It can contain fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, sprouts, grains, beans, dried fruit and seaweed. Also the cooked foods destroys nutritious enzymes that make one healthy. Heating food components over 116 degrees can have such results. It can diminish the nutritional value of foods. Typically at least 75% of the diets should be raw food diets.


Major Benefits of Raw Food Diets

Raw food diet has numerous health benefits. Some of them are:

• It increases the energy levels in the consumer substantially.

• Unprocessed food diet has the capability of improving the skin appearance considerably.

• Such diet can considerably improve the digestion.

• Weight loss becomes possible with fat burning due to these diets.

• Risks of heart disease are reduced considerably.


Raw Food Diet Features

Usually the unprocessed food diets will contain fewer Trans’ fat as well as saturated fat in comparison to the typical western diets. Low in sodium and high in potassium, it also contains magnesium, fiber and health promoting chemicals, phyto-chemicals, and folate. Besides heart disease, the diet also reduces the risks of diabetes, cancer, as well as such other renal diseases.


Raw Food Diet Guidelines

Basic guidelines for the unprocessed food diets are that they are unprocessed and preferably organic whole foods. They contain fresh fruits, nuts, vegetables, seeds, brands, grains, legumes, seaweed, dried fruits, fresh juiced fruits and vegetables, purified water, young coconut milk and unprocessed food contents.


Use of Cooking Techniques

Raw Food Diets

Cooking techniques that are used to make the food digestible and palatable and such techniques include sprouting seeds, beans, and grains by blending them and dehydrating food contents. Equipments that are used includes dehydrator, juice extractor, fruits, and vegetables, blenders, food processors, as well as chopper that saves time. Large glass containers can be used for soaking and sprouting the seeds, beans, and grains.


Reactions and Side Effects

Some of the side effects of consuming raw food diets are:

• Detoxification reactions that people experience by using raw food diet;

• Especially when the formerly used diet was rich in meat, sugar, and caffeine, such detoxification reactions;

• Other such affects are mild headaches, cravings, and nausea that could last for quite some times.


Precautionary Measures

Some of the precautionary measures that can escalate the effects of unprocessed food diets are:

• Not giving such diets since it is not appropriate for them.

• Not allowing the pregnant or nursing women eats the diet.

• People with anemia should not use such dies.


Last but not the least, people with osteoporosis will not find living raw food diet good for them.


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